Campbell and I cannot thank you enough for everything you all have done for us this past year, especially this past weekend!! Everything was absolutely amazing! We had so many people tell us how beautiful the property was and how they can’t wait to go back to Cedar Creek to visit and do more exploring. You all turned our vision into a reality and pulled everything off perfectly. (Thank you to Mother Nature also for giving us a gorgeous day!!)

I know there are sooooo many things that happen behind the scenes to pull off a weekend like this and I want you to know that I could not appreciate it more. I am sure there were nights you woke up thinking about this and that and making sure to remember to do XYZ so hopefully you are now able to sleep peacefully through the night (until your next beautiful wedding heheh).

You made our dream wedding a possibility. You made it happen.

The venue. The grounds. The food. The service. Everything was flawless. You went over and above for everything. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!!

I hope our our paths are able to cross again soon!

All Our Love,
Kathryn and Campbell