A special place in my heart Posted January 30, 2020

Your farm has always held a special spot in my heart and a warm, fuzzy place in my memory. November sealed the deal–the setting of my most treasured weekend and now running against Grand Haven as best place on Earth 😀

The weekend was our most joyous and fun experience together as a couple and we are so thankful to have been able to celebrate in a place that holds priceless memories and stories of fishing glory. Icing on the cake was to share an anniversary weekend with you and my grandparents–two couples whose love and support has shone as an example to all of us year after year through the ups and downs and all the vows experiences.

Thank you for your incredibly generous gift. Adam and I are grateful for your contribution to our future-home fund as well as for all the warm sentiments and encouragement you shared with us. Thank you for your support through all the years and for being such a special part of our wedding story.

Love and Gratitude.