At the beginning of the summer, the Missouri Trucking Association came to Cedar Creek in an effort to build connections between the association’s different trucking companies.

“No one really knew one another, and we wanted the group to spend time getting to know one another both personally and professionally,” said Judy Stockton, Director of Business Operations & Meetings for the Missouri Trucking Association.

Since the primary goal of the retreat was building relationships and strengthening communication, Stockton contacted Jeni Grunzinger, Sales and Marketing Manager for Cedar Creek, to create an individualized retreat package that would help the group get to know one another in a fun and relaxing environment.

“Helping plan MTA’s retreat was a lot of fun,” said Grunzinger. “They took full advantage of the on-site activities, and scheduled a bonfire, 2nd Shift Brewing beer tasting, and a two-hour team building exercise led by one of our program coordinators on the low-ropes confidence course.”

Early afternoon the group gathered for the low-ropes confidence course. About an hour into the exercise, the group was talking and laughing, but more importantly they were working together to overcome obstacles and challenges.

“The Wall was one of their favorite parts because we told them ‘no’ and it motivated them,” said Stockton, who, when planning, took great care to ensure that the course was not too physically challenging for the group.

Originally designed as a resting point with waters and snacks, the group saw the Wall and asked if they could do it.

“We hesitated at first because the group had been on the course for a while already and it was quite hot,” said Grunzinger.

However, the group could not be deterred, and began to strategize how to get their entire team from one side of the 15 foot wall to the other.

“They did it!” exclaimed Stockton. “Overcoming an obstacle they thought was originally impossible was a great moment for the group.”

After the course, the group headed to the Western Town for their 2nd Shift Brewing tasting, which included five large samples and a pint before heading off to dinner and then the bonfire.

“We would definitely do it again! The group had a great time, and even expressed interest in getting their management teams out on the course,” said Stockton.

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