Congratulations on your engagement! Being an engaged couple is so much fun because it is all about celebrating one another and your love. Since the average couple is engaged a year or less, maximizing the fun is a must! With this in mind, here are some fun ways to celebrate your engagement.

Telling friends and family.

First, you must prioritize who you tell to ensure that hurt feelings don’t put a damper on your celebration. The proper order is:

  • Children, if you have them
  • Parents and immediate family
  • Best friends
  • Extended family and friends
  • Social media

Coming up with creative way to share the news.

Instead of just telling the news to loved ones, share the news in a fun and unique way that also entertains.

  • Cedar Creek couple, Aaron and Mollie, announced their engagement by calling their friends via FaceTime and then taking a screen shot of the reactions to be used during their wedding reception.
  • Host a party with the engagement being a surprise announcement. The announcement can be made during a toast, as part of a game, placed in fortune cookies, or written on cakes/cupcakes/cookies as a sweet treat. The possibilities are endless!
  • If you were lucky enough to have your engagement photographed or videoed, share the news with cute announcements that can be uploaded to youtube, emailed, posted, or mailed. You can make collages, timelines, or use other artistic mediums to personalize it!

Celebrating the news.

There are many ways to celebrate your engagement. Some of our favorites include:

  • Recreate your first date or other memorable moment from your relationship
  • Schedule an engagement photo shoot
  • Plan a romantic getaway
  • Host an engagement party to help future wedding guests to get to know one another
  • Update your social media status
  • Ask friends and family to be a part of your wedding party (ideas to be highlighted in our upcoming blog titled “Wedding Party Fun”

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